Power output: 1,0MW

Inputs:  hog slurry, corn silage, dairy waste 

120 Tons a day

Operation since June 2016

Upalty biogas plant consists of six fermentation chambers with a capacity of 900m3 each.


The fermentation chambers were made as prefabricated steel tanks. The increased number of fermentation tanks in relation to the typical solutions proposed for the 1.0MWe installation results from the large share of pig manure in the number of applied batch components. 

The biogas pre-cleaning system also has a housing to protect it from adverse weather conditions.

The biogas produced in the plant drives a 1.0MWe cogeneration engine.  The electricity is fed into the grid.

A bespoke heating network has also been supplied to multi-family residential buildings located in the area of the village of Upalty Male.