DYNAMIC BIOGAS jest twórcą, właścicielem i operatorem najbardziej zaawansowanych systemów fermentacji beztlenowej na świecie.

Budowa biogazowni
Biogazownia 499kW - Dynamic Biogas

Agricultural biogas plants

Dynamic Biogas is the developer, owner and operator of the world's most advanced anaerobic digestion systems.

Our proprietary technologies for the accelerated production and utilization of bio-methane guarantee maximum biogas yields from almost any organic material, with many additional economic and environmental benefits.

Technology that makes sense.

  • High process efficiency
  • Wide variety of inputs
  • Fully automated process
  • Simple operation of the biogas plant
  • Quick and simple assembly
  • Modular construction - effective scaling of projects from 250kW to 5MW
  • Up to 50% more methane from inputs
  • Proven reliability for long-term operation
  • The ability to work in peak mode
Zbiorniki fermentacyjne, fermentatory
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Opening of a biogas plant in the village of Przybroda

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Nowoczesna produkcja mleka - Biogazownia Przybroda

Video publications

Heat from the biogas for Przybroda residents

An important element of the biogas plant is the post-fermentation tank equipped with a patented vertical mixing system, which is to prevent the formation of a scum layer, bottom sediments and foam. In addition, the time of replacing the device, without the need to empty the tank and interrupt the operation of the installation, is approx. 2 hours. A biotechnological accelerator constituting a separate tank is a strategic part of the facility.

Agricultural biogas plants for manure of this type process manure and waste from agricultural processing into electricity and heat. In addition, Polish technology and construction elements allow the fermentation process to be accelerated by 25% compared to corn-based installations. Therefore, it is not competitive for field agricultural production.

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