DYNAMIC BIOGAS jest twórcą, właścicielem i operatorem najbardziej zaawansowanych systemów fermentacji beztlenowej na świecie.


Home Process


Biogas, which is a mixture of mainly methane and carbon dioxide, is obtained as a result of methane fermentation. The process takes place in strictly controlled conditions without access to oxygen and at elevated temperature. Tight tanks ensure that odors from decomposing organic matter are captured and are not felt outside. In addition, the fermentation process eliminates pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and E. cola from the substrate.


Biogas plants in the Dynamic Biogas technology can process a wide range of substrates, including:

– waste from animal production, including manure or slurry from cows, pigs and poultry, slaughterhouse waste

– waste from agri-food production, including fruit and vegetable pomace, plant waste

– industrial waste, including stillage, whey, sewage sludge

The fraction of waste is arbitrary, and it is only necessary to ensure appropriate process parameters such as C:N ratio, microelements, etc.


The Dynamic Biogas company has its own experimental biogas plant in Przybroda, thanks to which it is possible to test and then market innovative solutions such as:

– increasing the efficiency of the process using a biotechnology accelerator

– use of waste heat thanks to ORC technology

– development of a system of central agitators that prevent the formation of a scum

– use of energy storage and enabling peak operation