DYNAMIC BIOGAS jest twórcą, właścicielem i operatorem najbardziej zaawansowanych systemów fermentacji beztlenowej na świecie.


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Przybroda biogas plant - 0.5MW

Location: Przybroda, woj. wielkopolskie
Substrate: Cow slurry and food waste
Works Since: october 2019 r.

Innovative Agricultural Biogas Plant built on the premises of the Experimental Agricultural and Fruit Farm, belonging to the Poznań University of Life Sciences. 

The basic element that distinguishes these installations from others is the use of a revolutionary device, which is the Biotechnological Accelerator. The accelerator perfectly homogenizes the substrates and hydrolyzes them, thanks to which it is possible to mix substrates and change the feeding recipe every day.

In October 2022, a district heating system was officially opened, which uses waste heat from the process to heat local buildings.

In addition, the amount of digestate that is left over from the process is sufficient to operate a 100-hectare farm as an excellent quality fertiliser.