DYNAMIC BIOGAS jest twórcą, właścicielem i operatorem najbardziej zaawansowanych systemów fermentacji beztlenowej na świecie.

Uproszczony schemat

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Simplified scheme of the production process

1) The operating principle of the biogas plant is based on the production of biogas as a result of the decomposition of organic waste

2) The substrate is transferred to the dosing unit, which is equipped with a macerator that allows for additional fragmentation of the solid fraction and its homogenization in combination with the liquid fraction. This solution results in the intensification of biotechnological processes in fermenters.

3) In the fermentation tanks, heated to a temperature of approx. 40 degrees Celsius, the fermentation process takes place with the release of biogas, which is collected in the upper part of the tanks and then transferred to the gas zone of the post-fermentation liquid tank. The residence time of biomass in fermenters is on average about 30-60 days (retention time) depending on the type of feedstock.

4) The biogas produced is then purified of moisture and possible residues of sulfur compounds and delivered to the cogeneration unit with a gas combustion engine, where it is combusted. The engine drives a generator that generates electricity, and heat energy from cooling the engine and exhaust gases is recovered.

The produced electricity is transferred to the distribution network, the heat is partly used to heat the technological tanks of the biogas plant, and the remaining part can be used, for example, to heat the farm or neighboring buildings.